Tree Felling


Sometimes trees need to be felled.

They may have died, become diseased or structurally unsound. Other reasons include: potential threat to building or property, thinning, alien eradication, clear felling, harvesting, etc. The best way to minimize risk of threat to your property is to select a professional tree felling company with proper insurance who employs well trained, skilled and dedicated staff.

We are professional tree felling specialists with years of experience in tree felling and tree pruning. Here are some photo samples of works done.

Koos, Wilson Street – Rigged Palm tree felling

The property owner was long undecided whether or not to have the tree felled. It was noted that the tree was a low risk for blowing over however after a new wooden house was built below and the explosive sound of dead fronds hitting a new tin roof, it was decided to fell the tree.

There was an opportunity to drop the tree onto the path way, alternatively the tree would have had to be climbed and sectional dismantled from the top down. A steep hill into thick bushes would have made manual extraction of fallen pieces a difficult job.

A decent window existed within which to drop the tree. A rigging line was installed at the top of the tree.
A 5:1 ration pulley was used to counter a slight negative lean and help ensure the tree would land in the available area along the path.

Horak White Oak Removal – Rigged Sectional Dismantle


This tree had succumbed to the effects of ambrosia beetle invasion. It was pruned of dead branches in the first year. By the following year so much of it had died, so it was decided to fell the tree.

A zip line was used to get cut sections over the garden areas. Sections over the house were cut and rigged down. The trunk section went to Timber Village to be planked.


Collet Gum Removal – Rheenendal

This gum tree was removed due to potential damage to property, if it had blown over. We have a thin top soil around here, with clay below. Although trees do not easily blow over it does happen. We mostly prefer pruning to reduce this risk, but it is not always a workable solution.

Gum trees are not indigenous to South Africa – they were imported in about late 1800s as a cheap fast growing hard wood alternative to the slow growing indigenous woods. The rapid extraction from the forests was causing great concern. Municipalities allow felling of Alien trees.


Belvidere White Oak Removal – Rigged Sectional dismantle

This White Oak Tree was infected with ambrosia beetle, killing the branches, that were hanging over various roofs. Once dead, the branches would begin to shed. First some weak tips would fall. Later the first of the dead branches would fall having succumbed to rot. Falling branches are high risk to life and property.

Sometimes bracket fungal growth will point out which branches are rotting. These should be given urgent remedial or precautionary attention. I have also noticed large diameter fallen branches without fungal growth. There is no way to predict what branch will fall next – but one can say that unless the tree recovers, the infected branches will rot and fall down over a period of up to about 5 years, if not removed.

Knysna Elephant Park (extension) – Pine tree felling


The property owner was in process of renovating the wooden cottage below the pine tree.

The bulk of its weight was in the direction of the house and though it appeared a low fall risk, they decided for peace of mind that the tree should be felled.

The main stem over the house was tip tied and pulled in the opposite direction.

Relevant cuts were made, more torque applied and the tree fell on its mark.